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Clip Applicator

Laparoscopic Clip Applicators Are Essential Tools For Minimally Invasive Surgery, Allowing Surgeons To Securely Close Vessels, Ducts, And Tissues Through Small Incisions. These Versatile Instruments Offer Numerous Advantages Over Traditional Sutures And Ligatures, Including:

  • Reduced Tissue Trauma: Smaller Incisions And Atraumatic Clip Closure Minimize Tissue Damage And Scarring.
  • Faster Operating Times: Applying Clips Is Often Quicker Than Suturing, Leading To Shorter Procedures.
  • Improved Hemostasis: Clips Provide Immediate And Reliable Hemostasis, Minimizing Bleeding Complications.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Laparoscopes Offer Magnified Views, Enabling Precise Clip Placement.

Types Of Laparoscopic Clip Applicators:

There Are Several Types Of Laparoscopic Clip Applicators, Each Suited For Specific Applications:

  • Standard Clip Applicators: These Are The Most Common Type, Designed For General Closure Of Vessels And Ducts Up To 7mm In Diameter. They Typically Feature Straight Or Angled Shafts And Various Clip Sizes.
  • Bariatric Clip Applicators: These Have Longer Shafts And Larger Clips, Catering To Obese Patients With Thicker Tissues
  • Hemolock Clip Applicator : These Come In Two Sizes 5mm And 10 Mm


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