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Needle Holder Ethicon Type SP Blue Handle Manufacturers & Suppliers

Needle Holder Ethicon Type SP Blue Handle

An Ethicon-type SP needle holder with a blue handle is a surgical instrument used in various medical procedures to grasp and manipulate needles during suturing. It's a versatile tool preferred for its ergonomic design and functionality.

Key features of the Ethicon-type SP needle holder with a blue handle:

  • Straight jaws: The straight jaws provide stability and control during needle manipulation, making it suitable for general suturing tasks.
  • Spring mechanism: The spring mechanism offers smooth jaw closure and controlled needle grasping, reducing hand fatigue for the surgeon.
  • Ergonomic blue handle: The blue handle is designed for comfort and grip, even during prolonged procedures. The color blue also helps with visibility in the surgical field.
  • Locking mechanism: Some models come with a locking mechanism to hold the jaws closed, ensuring secure needle grasp during suturing.
  • Autoclavable: The needle holder is typically made of high-quality stainless steel and can be sterilized through autoclaving for reuse.

Type Ethicon Needle Holder Blue Handle 
ApplicationLaparoscopic Surgery 



Brand Bharat Surgical 

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